Enhance Your Company’s Strategic Assets to Increase Value

August 31, 2017

Enhance Your Company’s Strategic Assets to Increase Value

What are Company’s Strategic Assets? Company’s Strategic Assets sit at the intersection of tangible and intangible assets and create recurring benefits, are unique, and difficult to imitate.  Such strategic assets can include intellectual property, customer relationships, proprietary business processes and algorithms, novel revenue streams, and brand value. Why focus on Company’s Strategic Assets? The definition […]

August 17, 2017

Identify, Develop, and Monetize Your Intangible Assets

Jahani and Associates utilizes a proprietary Intangible Asset Methodology™ to help our clients identify, develop, and monetize their most valuable intangible assets. We recently led a Cornell Seminar on the same topic. Intangible assets take work and time to develop into the premium commanding, goodwill driving assets that maximize value in capital raises, M&As, and […]